Ciao, I'm Mario

I am an Italian culinary expert dedicated to teaching the world about authentic Italian foods
&  ingredients.

The gourmet products available on my online store are my hand picked favorites.

My knowledge in Italian ingredients and Italian Cuisine gives me a unique attitude when educating people. I stress the importance of being able to identify and enjoy true Italian products. I partnered with Academia Barilla, Fabbri,  Pasta Paone, Ponti and many others authentic Italian companies to share my
expertise in the food industry.

As a critically acclaimed television personality and Italian culinary expert, I am
most recognizable for serving as a Judge on Food Network Show (soon Netflix) Iron Chef
America and in numerous other competitions.


When I share my passion as an Italian Culinary Expert, I am being well
known to be engaging, knowledgeable and innovative. My unique style allows me to
connect with any audiences who wants to enjoy the real Italian cuisine experience that lays
deeply in my roots.

The Italian Culinary Expert

My motto is simple like my food:
“An authentic Italian meal is not a consumption of food but a celebration of Dolce Vita.”
From balsamic vinegar to EVOO…
let me be your guide!

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